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Strategic Planning for Executive Teams

Strategic Planning Designed to Take Your Business in the Right Direction

Too often we see executive teams operate with no strategic plan in place, or their plan has too many initiatives that are not cascaded or communicated down into the organization properly.

Day to day operations seem to take precedence and as important as strategy is, it takes a back seat to getting operational needs met.

While there are a variety of ways to approach strategic planning, the most common is to take prior years objectives and update them. The problem with this method is you may be focusing on the wrong current strategic targets.

KerrHill’s ASR (Action Strategy Review) process eliminates the possibility of focusing on the wrong strategic goals.  It ensures C-suite executive teams set the right strategic targets based on current business pressure points, and subsequent goals and initiatives are aligned to address key challenges facing the business.

“As a result of implementing KerrHill’s ASR strategic planning process, we were able to effectively reach our top and bottom-line goals of 15% revenue growth and 15% bottom line profit within one year of implantation.” - Burton W.

Not seeing the results you want from your current strategic plan?

The problem with typical strategic planning processes

  • Using prior year goals for this year’s plan
  • Too many targets and initiatives are created
  • Team workload not accounted for in plan
  • Clear expectations are not set with the people involved
  • Lack of clarity and ownership on strategic initiatives
  • Lack of communication of strategy to organization and teams
  • Appropriate time isn’t allocated on the executive team to review progress

KerrHill’s ASR approach to strategic planning

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KerrHill’s Strategic Planning 4-Phase Process

Phase 1


  • Understand the pitfalls to traditional strategic planning sessions.
  • Explore pressing pressure points in your business.
  • Conduct brainstorming and data analysis on pressure points.
Phase 1

Phase 2

Target Setting

  • Set relevant strategic targets.
  • Create performance indicators for each target.
  • Identify & create key strategic initiatives to support targets.
Phase 2

Phase 3

Cross checking

  • Clarify sponsors and owners to initiatives.
  • Conduct a “force field” analysis on all initiatives.
  • Identify timelines and checkpoints for implementation & follow up sessions.
Phase 3

Phase 4


  • Set action planning initiatives so action plans are ready to go.
  • Explore business readiness for change and implementation of initiatives.
  • Create a communication link for teams.
Phase 4

Benefits of our strategic planning process

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Strategic Planning Offsite Service

  • Designed for: C-Suite, VP, Director, Senior Manager Levels
  • Format: In-person or virtual
  • Length: 1-2 days
  • Cost: Contact us for session rates
  • Group size: 6-20 people
  • Location: At client location or an offsite meeting facility
  • Service includes: A pre offsite intake with each executive, 1-2 days of facilitation,
    post session summary of strategic initiatives, debrief with the CEO and a 30-45 day
    post session check in with the executive team.
  • Click here to view the program PDF

Ready to start a strategic planning process that will drive your business forward?

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