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Supervisors Development Program

Gain the Clarity You Need to Become a Successful Supervisor

Without proper supervisor training, it can be difficult to develop the supervisor skills needed to excel as new manager or supervisor; as the skills required for supervisors are very different from an individual contributor or technical position.

Fortunately, you can change the outcome of your supervisory skills and take your potential to the next level through KerrHill’s Supervisor’s Development Course.

By attending this program, you will gain a clear understanding of what it takes to be a more impactful supervisor so you can face common management challenges with more confidence and clarity.

Transform Your Supervisors Skills through Essential Management Training

Learn how to overcome the key challenges that most supervisors face such as:

A supervisor of a medical laboratory looking at a tablet with an employee and pointing at a computer screen.

“Supervisors who have taken this supervisory training program have on average increased their supervisory effectiveness by 50% within the first 45 days after attending the program.”

The Top Supervisor Program Takeaways

Two supervisors in hard hats looking at a tablet in a factory.

Learn key skills you need to manage people. Get clarity on the people-side of what it means to be a great supervisor.

Recognize how your behaviors, attitude and motivators can impact team dynamics.

Discover how delegating tasks empowers and motivates others and improves the morale of your team.

Focus on the most important tasks without distraction, so you can lead your team to accomplish the main priorities of your organization.

Discover the 5 modes of conflict and how personal tendencies impact conflict outcomes.

Learn how to engage and better manage working relationships.

Identify, adapt and communicate to different personality types within your team more effectively.

Get clarity on the key elements of proactive planning so you can set goals, strategies, and action plans that are implementable.

Ready to take on the skills of a higher performing supervisor?

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The Supervisor’s Course will teach you how to develop essential management skills in these six core areas of management



Creating understanding between self and others



Setting goals, selecting strategies and developing action plans



Aligning tasks with resources to achieve goals with more efficiency



Retaining, interviewing onboarding and coaching people



Measuring results, comparing to plan and taking corrective action towards goals



Leading: Creating individual and team motivation to achieve goals

The KerrHill path to developing great supervisors. An easy three-step process

Step 1: Prework

Program Prework

  • Prework includes a personalized assessment (DISC & Motivators Report). This allows our facilitator to understand the participant’s behaviors and values.
Step 1: Prework

Step 2: The Supervisors Workshop

The 2 day Workshop

  • The Supervisors Workshop is taught by a seasoned business professional who has real world experience and has been in senior management positions. Sessions are personalized based on the findings of the pre-work, so every class is tailored to address the identified areas that need attention. 
Step 2: The Supervisors Workshop

Step 3: Post Workshop Follow Up

Post Program options

  • Post Workshop Follow Up keeps participants on top of their goals, tracks their progress and helps them be accountable to themselves and their team.  
Step 3: Post Workshop Follow Up

Still not sure if this Supervisor’s Development Program is right for you?

KerrHill’s Supervisors Training Program continuously receives high rankings from its participants

Paticipant success in attaining personal development goals within 40 days post program. 85%
KerrHill Facilitator Effectiveness Rating 98%
Workshop Effectiveness Rating 98%

“100% Return on the Manager’s Performance Program Fee within the first 60 days post program.”

The Supervisors Development Program Overview

  • Designed for: Supervisors or New Managers
  • Format: Available in-person or virtually
  • Length: 2-Day Workshop
  • Location: San Ramon, CA (can be customized for in-house delivery)
  • Cost: $1600 per person (group discounts available)
  • Group size: 4-15 people
  • Workshop includes: All course materials, lunch if in-person, a personalized DISC &
    Motivators assessment, one personal and one business development goal, a management field guide and a 2-hour group follow-up 45 days post program.
  • Click here to view the program PDF

Supervisor’s Development Program FAQ's

This supervisors development program is right for you if you are going to be promoted into a first-time management role or have been in a supervisor position overseeing technical contributors.

Yes, the training program is applicable to supervisors in any industry.

You will learn how to make the transition from individual contributor to first time manager or supervisor.  You should be able to understand and apply principles from the KerrHill six functions of management framework, including delegating, prioritizing, communicating and coaching others more effectively. You will also leave with a personal management development goal and a business development goal. You will be ready to incorporate changes to your supervisory role immediately following the program.

We have supervisors from other companies and industries attend our public programs which enhances and enlightens you on the challenges other first time managers face.

We have a group follow up session build into the program to support their program change goals 45 days after the workshop.

On average, we have 4-8 people as a minimum and up to 12 people in each session, which provides for a more intimate learning experience.

Yes, we can deliver the supervisors training at your location with four or more participants.

Yes, we have multiple people attend a session together quite often. 

Yes, upon request.

Yes, we can tailor the program to fit an organization’s needs.

Hotel lodging, travel, breakfasts or dinners.

Our standing lead time for program preparation is 2-3 weeks, however, we have had participants register as late as one week before the program.

Still not sure if this program is the right one for you?

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