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Interview Skills

Poor Hiring Decisions Cost Your Organization Time and Money!

Hire and retain the right candidates with a comprehensive interview process

Hiring the wrong person for a job position can cost an organization 3x their salary!  Not to mention the loss of time, resources and impact to others on the team.

One key challenge is many hiring managers haven’t been formally trained to develop their interview skills or hiring process.  As a result, they may resort to the “seat of the pants” approach, asking whatever questions they feel are sufficient for the job interview. 

While this approach may work in some cases, it isn’t likely covering all the important aspects to the interview process.

This program teaches hiring managers the key factors behind a successful interview process, and how to better qualify and match the right candidate for the job.

Having challenges with hiring or retaining candidates?

Our Interview Skills Course will help you overcome interviewing mistakes and challenges through:

  • Ensuring job positions and requirements are clear
  • Understanding human behavior to better match people to job positions
  • Developing good interview questions for selecting the best candidates
  • Identifying the key skills and behaviors needed to be successful in the job
  • Understanding personal bias in assessing candidates for the job
  • Ensuring alignment between job functions and candidate skills match
  • Utilizing DISC in the interview process to enhance candidate job fit success*
  • Understanding common interview pitfalls
  • Utilizing Behavioral Analysis Questioning (BAQ) to get predictive workplace behaviors
  • Using open and closed ended questions to manage the interview
  • Learning the Seven Key Steps to an effective interview process

Note: *Each participant will receive a personalized DISC report (see sample). The report will help participants understand how to utilize this assessment during the interview process with a candidate. It can give the interviewer greater insights to a candidate’s personal characteristics, ideal working environment, value to the organization, behavioral style working preferences and communication preferences.

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How poor interviewing and hiring skills can impact an organization

Interview Skills Program Overview

  • Designed for: Hiring managers responsible for interviewing job candidates
  • Format: Available in-person or virtually
  • Length: 4-hour workshop
  • Location: Onsite at client location or at an offsite meeting facility
  • Cost: $695
  • Group size: 6-20 people
  • Workshop includes: All course materials and a personalized DISC report to help
    participants understand how to utilize this assessment during the interview process.
  • Click here to view the program PDF

Are you ready to increase your interview and hiring success?

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