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Job Matching and Talent Management

Create Job Role Clarity to Increase Job Performance

If you are a CEO, Human Resources VP, or a Hiring Manager then you have probably experienced the challenges of ensuring people’s job performance to match that to their job role.

KerrHill’s job matching process will help eliminate the frustrations associated with improving job clarity and performance for you and/or your employees.

How we help you overcome challenges with job matching and performance

Without clarity on the skills, behaviors and motivators needed in the job, staffing and performance management can become an ongoing battle.

Often times poor job performance stems from hiring talent from inaccurate, outdated or unclear job descriptions.

Another challenge with job descriptions is they tend to be written from one person’s perspective, creating a limited perception of what the job really needs.

KerrHill’s job and talent matching process is designed to create job role clarity while eliminating common biases and confusion often associated with job roles and responsibilities. We utilize assessments through our process to help provide comparative data that can be utilized throughout the job matching process.

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By investing in Job and Talent Matching, you’ll secure the right talent for the job and improve the overall success of an employee’s performance.

Benefits of KerrHill’s Job & Talent Matching Process


Clarifies key job roles & responsibilities for new or existing employees


Eliminates bias when creating or updating job descriptions


Provides a subjective way to assess employees and new hires


Increases job success, satisfaction, engagement, and retention


Provides a clear roadmap for performance management


Saves time & money in promoting and hiring the right candidates

The Job Matching & Talent Management process addresses these common job performance challenges

Are you are experiencing any of these?

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How the Job Matching Process Works – 3 Key Steps


A job benchmarking session is conducted to create job clarity – the key skills and accountabilities of the job are identified and a job report is created to highlight the key elements of the job.


Individuals already performing the job or new candidates take a Talent assessment to see how close their skills are to the requirements listed in the job report.


A GAP report is generated to compare how good of a fit an individual is for that job role.

When job matching is implemented properly, it can greatly impact your company’s hiring and performance management. You will not only attract the best candidates, but you will save time and money by hiring the right people the first time.

The 3 Assessment Reports we utilize in the Job & Talent Matching Process

Job Report

Clearly identifies the most important aspects of a job and gives you a strong baseline for key elements of what the job requires.

View Sample Report

Talent Report

Evaluates the person who is going to be doing the job in 3-4 key areas: behaviors, motivators, skills and acumen.

View Sample Report

GAP Report

Compares and measures potential gaps in a person’s behaviors, motivators and skills with those needed in the job.

View Sample Report

Whether you are looking to increase one’s job performance, promote from within, or hire new talent, then KerrHill’s job matching process is your solution.

Job Matching & Talent Management Service Overview

  • Designed for: Any job role or position
  • Format: Available in-person or virtually
  • Length: 4-6 hour workshop
  • Location: Onsite at client location or at an offsite meeting facility
  • Cost: Contact us for rates
  • Group size: 3-7 stakeholders
  • Includes: All session materials, program facilitation, and three assessments including the
    Job Report, Talent Report and GAP Report.
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