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Personal & Career Assessments

Are You Aware of the Many Benefits Assessments Can Do for You and Your Team?

Whether you are an HR Director, manager or leader, we have a scope of assessments to help you with both your personal and professional development needs that can be used for both individuals and teams.

Our assessments can help you gain insights into:

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“So much of the positive feedback we receive from our programs is often a result of the assessments we use. That is why KerrHill is such a strong advocate on using assessments in professional development. It has had a significant impact on individuals and team growth.”

Assessments we recommend for applications across an organization

  • 360 Leadership Feedback
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Disc & Motivators
  • Workplace Skills
  • TKI Conflict
  • Business Acumen
  • 360 Manager Feedback
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Disc & Motivators
  • TKI Conflict
  • Workplace Skills
  • Firo-B
  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Disc & Motivators
  • TKI Conflict
  • Business Acumen
  • Team Effectiveness Factors
  • The 6 Working Geniuses
Talent & Job Matching
Talent & Job Matching
  • Job Profiling
  • Talent Profiling
  • Job & Talent GAP report
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  • 360 Feedback
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Business Acumen
  • DISC & Motivators

KerrHill’s Suite of Personalized Professional Development Assessment Tools

While KerrHill has a wide array of assessments, the following eight categories tend to be our most popular types of assessments.  To help you determine which assessment(s) might be right for your needs, contact us. 

Workplace Skills

This assessment ranks your top 25 skills in the workplace and provides feedback on those skills that are well developed to those that may need more developing. Understanding strengths and weaknesses is a key element in professional development

DISC & Motivators

DISC measures a person’s behaviors and “how” they interact with others. Motivators measures the “why” behind people’s actions and reveals the six key dimensions that drives them.

Emotional Intelligence (EI)

EI, or also referred to as EQ (Emotional Quotient), measures your ability to identify, assess, and regulate your emotions. Being able to manage one’s emotions towards others can facilitate higher levels of collaboration and productivity, and build stronger relationships.

Business Acumen (ACI)

The Acumen Capacity Index report explores how people interact with the external and their internal world. Acumen can be seen through a person's ability to make value judgments, and their ability to organize their intellectual and emotional reasoning.

Team Reports

Team-based reports help you get a broader perspective on the state of your team. These include the DISC & Motivators Team report, the 6 Working Geniuses, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and the TEF (Team Effectiveness Factors) dashboard.

Conflict, Stress and Interpersonal Behavior

Assess your conflict modes through the Thomas Kilmann Instrument (TKI) report, explore interpersonal relationship behaviors with the (Firo-B) & assess your workplace stressors with the (Stress Quotient Report).

Job Roles & Talent Management

Our Job report examines the behaviors, motivators and skills needed in a job. The Talent report examines the person doing the job. The GAP report compares the job needs to the skills of the employee for performance enhancement.

KerrHill 360 Feedback Surveys

KerrHill utilizes its own 360 Degree Feedback assessments that gather organizational feedback to help with one-on-one, or group-based leader and manager development.

Why assessments are so crucial to individuals, teams and organizations

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Over time we have found that incorporating assessments into our programs and services has helped our clients achieve a deeper training experience.   

All of our assessments are followed by a debrief so people can understand, learn and apply the tools more effectively back in the workplace.

KerrHill also offers certification training services for clients that are interested in utilizing these assessment tools within their organization. Please view our DISC Certification page or contact us for details on assessment certification and/or to discuss which assessments are best options for you or your organization.

Not sure which assessment is right for you, your team or organization?

See what our clients are saying

The value of using assessments in professional development

4 ways you can purchase and utilize KerrHill assessments

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  1. Individuals can purchase and review an assessment(s) on their own or with a KerrHill consultant.
  2. Organizations can purchase assessments for their internal training program needs.
  3. Assessments can be utilized in one-on-one coaching programs.
  4. Assessments are incorporated into all our KerrHill training programs.

Personal & Career Assessments Overview

  • Designed for: All level of professionals, managers, leaders & HR directors
  • Delivery Format: In-person or virtually
  • Location: Onsite at client location or at an offsite meeting facility
  • Cost: Will vary per assessment
  • Service includes: One or a variety of personal or career assessments followed by a
    debrief, with development tools and tips and action plans for implementing change.
  • Click here to view the program PDF

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