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Managers Performance Program

Overcome Your Management Challenges to Perform at a Higher Level of Management

As managers move up the management ladder, their roles become more complex.

They need to be better at communicating, delegating, planning, decision making, setting clear goals, and building a stronger team.

What makes this ascent more challenging is managers are still being promoted without any formal management training, making it harder for them to excel in their role.

Our Manager’s Performance Program is designed to help mid-to senior level managers overcome these types of management challenges so they can make a greater impact.

Participants leave our management training with the clarity and tools they need to move forward and overcome tough obstacles so they can have a greater impact as a higher-level manager.

How many of these management challenges do you face?

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If you struggle with any of these, then the Managers Performance Program is the right solution for you!

Advantages to KerrHill’s Manager’s Training Program

The Top 10 Takeaways You’ll Get From
the Manager’s Performance Program

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Gain insights to how others perceive you through a comprehensive 360-degree management feedback report.

Learn how your personal communication style impacts performance, productivity, teamwork and conflict.

Improve team performance by understanding what motivates your employees.

Set crisp & attainable business and personal goals with executable action plans.

Implement the 80/20 rule to get the most important things done daily.

Learn how to delegate to free up 20% of your work week.

Understand the 5 modes of conflict model to help you manage through conflict more effectively.

Better manage different and difficult personalities to improve team interactions and cross-functional relationships.

Keep your team accountable for their performance and track measurable results.

Improve the relationship with your direct manager and gain clarity on goals, and manage expectations from them.

See what our clients are saying

The five phases to our management training program

Phase 1 (3-4 weeks prior to workshop)

Program Prework

  • Gather 360-degree feedback
  • Take Firo-B behavioral assessment
  • Intake with participant’s manager
  • Results reviewed by KerrHill consultant
Phase 1 (3-4 weeks prior to workshop)

Phase 2 (2.5 Day Workshop)

The 2.5 day Workshop

  • 360-degree report results delivered
  • Program goals & action plans established
  • Case study & presentation delivery
  • Interactive group action planning
  • Firo-B assessment reviewed
Phase 2 (2.5 Day Workshop)

Phase 3 (40-60 days after workshop)

The Action Month

  • Review program Summary Report with manager
  • Check in on goals & action plans
  • Align manager and participant for ongoing support
Phase 3 (40-60 days after workshop)

Phase 4 (1/2 Day Follow-Up)

Final ½ day group follow up

  • Review program goals & results
  • What has worked & what hasn’t
  • DISC & Motivators debrief
  • Next steps post program
Phase 4 (1/2 Day Follow-Up)

Phase 5 (Ongoing Career Development)

Post Program options

  • Ongoing 1×1 coaching
  • Team building Sessions
Phase 5 (Ongoing Career Development)

KerrHill’s Management Training Continuously Receives High Ratings from its participants

Paticipant success in attaining personal development goals within 40 days post program. 85%
KerrHill Facilitator Effectiveness Rating 98%
Workshop Effectiveness Rating 98%

“125% Return on the Manager’s Performance Program Fee within the first 60 days post program.”

The Managers Performance Program Overview

  • Designed for: Mid to Senior Managers
  • Format: Available in-person or virtually
  • Length: 2.5 Day Workshop
  • Location: San Ramon, CA (can be customized for in-house delivery)
  • Cost: $3400 per person (group discounts available)
  • Group size: 4-12 people
  • Workshop includes: All course materials, pre-work, lunch if in-person, DISC & FIRO-B
    assessments, 360-degree feedback report, summary report & debrief, case study, a
    management field guide and a 1⁄2 day group follow-up 45 days post program.
  • Click here to view the program PDF

Managers FAQ's

This manager development program is right for you if you are managing other managers, have a project manager title and have to manage others with limited authority, or are getting ready to move up the management ranks into mid-level management.

You will learn about all the key elements to being a highly effective manager.  Through an organizational 360 feedback survey, you will better understand what perceptions are of your management stye, be able to understand and apply principles from the Six functions of management framework, leave with two personal management development goals, two business development goals, and be ready to incorporate changes to your management style immediately following the program.

We have managers from other companies and industries that attend our public programs which enhances and enlightens you on the challenges other managers face. The attendees tend to have the same amount or level of experience in a program as well.

We have several follow up sessions build into the program to support their program change goals

On average, we have 4-8 people in each session, which provided for a more intimate learning experience.

Yes, we can deliver the manager training at your location for your companies’ managers

Yes, more than one manager from the same company can attend, if they are comfortable being in attendance with each other. In some cases, we have a manager and their manage attend the program together.

Still not sure if this program is the right one for you? Or have additional questions?

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