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Gain Insights Into DISC to Help Improve Workplace Communications

DISC is a popular behavioral assessment tool used by companies worldwide to improve interpersonal effectiveness amongst teams and individuals. 

Learning DISC helps people understand their own workstyle and communication preferences along with those of others, and can help solve the challenges many teams face – working together effectively.  

To get more insights into DISC and to take a DISC assessment, please view the FAQ section below.


The DISC acronym identifies the four behavioral styles that we all have in us: D-Dominance, I-Influence, S-Steadiness, and C-Compliance. We have all four DISC dimensions in our behavioral makeup, but they vary in degrees which makes us unique.
    Four different colors of discs with the words dominance, influence, stamina, and consistency.
  • Dominance - measures how we approach and take on problems and challenges
  • Influencing – how we interact and influence others to our point of view
  • Steadiness – the pace of the environment that we prefer
  • Compliance – how we respond to rules and regulations set by others

You will gain greater insights into your own behavioral characteristics, personal motivators and DISC communication style and preferences. 


The results generate a comprehensive report of an individual’s:

  • Natural and adapted behavioral styles
  • General behavioral characteristics
  • Communication preferences
  • Ideal work environment
  • Personal time wasters
  • Keys to motivating and managing
  • Behavioral tendencies under stress
  • Descriptors on how to engage with other styles
  • Areas for improvement

No, there are many versions of the DISC assessment depending on you, your team or organization’s needs.  However, the most commonly used version is the DISC & Motivators Management Staff Report. To see the variety of other DISC reports for other specific training applications, view the samples below.

Yes, here is a sample of a DISC report

Yes, all DISC reports have a cost associated with them, however, you can take the DISC & Motivators assessment for FREE by clicking here. This is $175 value! If you are looking to take another version of DISC, please contact us for details and rates.

You can take the FREE DISC & Motivators assessment by clicking here. To take a different DISC assessment version, please contact us.

  1. The assessment takes approximately 10-15 mins to complete.
  2. Answers cannot be saved, so please take it at a time where you can complete the whole assessment.
  3. Don’t overanalyze the questions, go with your gut instinct.
  4. The test results will be emailed to you right after taking the survey. Please check your junk folder.
  1. Review the results on your own. The DISC report will provide you with a wide variety of information for you to review.
  2. Set up a call with a DISC certified KerrHill consultant to review your DISC results in greater detail. This will help you better understand how the report can be used to excel your personal & professional development. Contact us for a complementary DISC consultation.
  3. Watch KerrHill’s KnowDISC video. Watch each of the four-minute KnowDISC videos which will give you a brief overview of the four behavioral styles and how to better communicate with other DISC styles.
  4. Host an onsite DISC workshop. Take your knowledge of DISC to the next level through a four-hour virtual or in-person in-house workshop. This workshop includes a debrief and you will leave with you tips and a personalized action plan to overcome behavioral roadblocks. Minimum of 6-8 participants. Learn more about our Communicating with DISC workshop by clicking here.

Yes, KerrHill offers DISC certification training. In fact, we encourage organizations to train their trainers on DISC to have a larger organizational impact. You can learn more about our DISC Certification Training Workshop here or contact us for more info.

Having an internal company trainer or HR business partner certified on DISC helps individuals within an organization learn DISC faster. It helps create an environment where everyone can speak a common language and practice the key elements of DISC with the support of a certified trainer.

It can also be more cost-effective and efficient to have internal trainers teach DISC rather than hiring external trainers. Trainers who are certified on DISC through KerrHill, will receive full access to the all the KerrHill DISC tools to further enhance DISC learnings. Learn more about our DISC certification training.

The DISC tool can be used for leadership, management and team development, communication skills training, customer service, sales training, and to help an individual understand their job preferences.

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