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Executive Coaching

Take Your Leadership Capabilities to the Next Level With Executive or Professional Coaching

If you are an executive or senior leader, it can be lonely at the top.  People and teams can expect a lot from you, and often times, you don’t know where to turn to for a non-bias expertise to help you overcome tough professional or organizational challenges.

At KerrHill, we understand the specific obstacles that professionals face especially at the Executive or Senior leadership level.

Our expert coaches, with an average of over 15 years of coaching expertise, have a deep understanding of what it means to be in leadership role. Many of our coaches have been senior managers, successful business owners, or top-level executives. This real-world business experience means they relate to the many challenges professionals face today.

How our leadership coaching differs from group training programs

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KerrHill’s one-on-one coaching approach uses a variety of assessments and processes to help individuals gain greater self-awareness of personal roadblocks and develop key strategies to overcome them.

Benefits to KerrHill’s Executive Coaching Development Process

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Understand key elements of yourself at a deeper level through DISC Behaviors, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Business Acumen, and Personal Skills.

Learn how to engage and interact with others more effectively.

Gain insights on strengths and areas for improvement from your organization.

Build leadership and management skills needed to become a more impactful leader.

Get unbiased feedback on new behaviors and strategies from your coach to assess impact and effectiveness.

Learn to assess new possibilities with a shift in perspectives.

Increase employee retention and engagement by becoming an emotionally intelligent leader.

Your coach will be your accountability partner and will support you throughout the development process.

How our coaching process can impact your growth and development


Gives you new insights & approaches on how to overcome challenges


Provides a customized roadmap based on your personal or team needs, that helps you get from point A to point B quicker


Gives new direction and guidance to enable you to grow faster & see results in a shorter period of time.


Creates an accountability partner to help incorporate change & support you step by step


Reduces stressors associated with change by enabling you to move ahead with more clarity and confidence

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KerrHill’s personalized approach to coaching is all about you

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Our approach starts with where you are on your development journey. We meet to gather information about you, the areas you are seeking help with, and understand the culture and environment you work in.

Using a series of assessments, strengths and areas for improvement are identified and a coaching program specifically designed for you begins.

Your coaching occurs with a monthly phone or in-person meetings to set strategy and follow-up on key action items.

At the conclusion of your coaching program, you will receive a summary report that reviews your key milestones and progress.

Not sure if our coaching service is right for you?

How Our 2-Phase Business Coaching Process Works

Phase 1 (4 steps within month 1)

Phase 1 (Step 1)

Initial Intake Session:

  • 1–2 hour intake session with the coachee and their manager to clarify areas for development, establish agreement and commitment.
Phase 1 (Step 1)

Phase 1 (Step 2)

360-degree Feedback Assessment:

  • Feedback requests are sent to the coachee’s manager, peers, direct reports and others.
  • Data is collected and compiled into a report.
Phase 1 (Step 2)

Phase 1 (Step 3)

Assessment Selection:

  • Selected assessments such as DISC, Acumen, EQ & Firo-B are administered and results are debriefed with the coachee.
Phase 1 (Step 3)

Phase 1 (Step 4)

Assess Challenges:

  • 360 Feedback Results are reviewed for strengths and areas for improvement. Development Goals are identified.
Phase 1 (Step 4)

Phase 2 (2 steps during months 2 -6)

Phase 2 (Step 1)

Strategic Action Planning:

  • Development goals are strategically action planned through one-on-one coaching sessions.
Phase 2 (Step 1)

Phase 2 (Step 2)

Additional Coaching Tools:

  • Other coaching techniques include shadowing team meetings, team coaching, and team building exercises with coachee.
Phase 2 (Step 2)
  • Customized coaching packages: While our coaching services typically range from $1400 to $2800 per month, we can tailor our programs to meet your budget.

  • Coaching services can range from a minimum of three to six months. However, six months or longer is highly recommended.

Executive & Professional Coaching Overview

  • Designed for: All levels of leaders and managers
  • Format: Available in-person or virtually
  • Length: 3-6 months or longer
  • Cost: Varies on coaching package, contact us for rates
  • Other Options: Shadowing team meetings or team coaching sessions
  • Service includes: One-on-one coaching sessions, personalized assessments
    including DISC, Acumen, EQ and 360-Degree Feedback report with debriefs,
    development goals and implemental action plans.
  • Click here to view the program PDF

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Executive Coaching FAQ's

We start off with a question-and-answer interview session with the coaching candidate to answer any of their questions or concerns, and to ensure it is a good fit. From there, we conduct a formal intake session with the coachee and their manager to align on development goals. Then, we implement an organizational 360 feedback survey and other assessments at the beginning of a coaching engagement. This is followed by a debrief, reviewing the results from all the assessments and data to set clear development goals. Thereafter, coaching sessions are focused on action planning development goals through the coaching sessions.

A minimum of 3-6 months and depending on the induvial can go on as long as a year or more.

The number of coaching sessions per month depends on the coachee and how much they want or need. A minimum of two per month is recommend and we have executives who like to have weekly sessions.

Typically, they last 60-90 minutes each. However, some people like 45-minute calls which we can accommodate.

We provide progress updates for a participant’s manager every 3 months. Aside from that, we may do a brief touch base with the manager to get additional insights if needed. Otherwise, all conversations in the coaching calls are confidential.

All coaching conversations are confidential between a KerrHill coach and their coachee. Any updates to their manager will be provided at a high level, with knowledge of the coachee ahead of time.

We like to provide an interview session prior to you selecting a coach. If for some reason you are not aligning with your coach, we can stop the coaching program and change coaches.

No, if you feel you have gotten what you need from your coach in a less amount of time, you can elect to stop the program and conduct a wrap up.

Our primary focus is on the development goals the coachee came into the program with, but we can work on and address other business challenges that may arise during the program.

We conduct most, if not all our coaching sessions via phone and zoom. If a client happens to prefer in person sessions, we can accommodate that too.

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