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Handling Conflict

Is conflict getting in the way of your workplace success?

When workplace conflict is unresolved it can take a huge toll on workplace success.  It can negatively impact relationships, increase stress levels, change team dynamics, hinder personal performance, and more.

Having strong conflict resolution skills can allow you to better manage difficult conversations, discuss tough topics, build stronger relationships, resolve disagreements more effectively, and better manage stress.

Through KerrHill’s Handling Conflict program, participants will learn how to overcome personal roadblocks by understanding their own conflict management skills along with identifying and managing those of others.

Participants will also learn how to assess conflict situations objectively and strategically so they can maneuver through conflict more easily and immediately for long term conflict management success.

Conflict costs employers $359 billion in paid hours every year, according to one study. That equates to about 2.8 hours per week that U.S. employees spend dealing with workplace conflict.

4 Ways Our Program Improves Conflict Management Skills

A male manager smiling while shaking a female employees hand after resolving a conflict in the office.
  1. Helps you understand your personal strengths and weaknesses in five areas of conflict
  2. Teaches you how to asses conflict situations more objectively
  3. Allows you to strategically maneuver conflict in the moment
  4. Allows you to identify another person’s conflict style so that you can adjust and manage it

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Key Points and Takeaways from KerrHill’s Conflict Management Workshop

A group of people sitting around a table in an office with tense looks as they discuss a conflict.

If managing or resolving conflict is something you are challenged with, or your conflict management skills need sharpening, then KerrHill’s conflict management program is the right program for you.

The Impact of Mismanaged Conflict

Handling Conflict Workshop Overview

  • Designed for: Professionals seeking to improve their conflict management skills
  • Format: Available in-person or virtually
  • Length: 4 or 6 hour workshop
  • Location: Onsite at client location or at an offsite meeting facility
  • Cost: $695 per person
  • Group size: 6-20 people
  • Workshop includes: All course materials and a personalized Five Modes of Conflict
    Assessment report to help participants understand their conflict preferences.
  • Click here to view the program PDF

Are you ready to step up your conflict management skills?

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