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Job Benchmarking
& Talent Management

If you manage people, retaining, developing and increasing job satisfaction and business results are primary focal points. The most common challenge managers and leaders have is understanding and being able to consistently motivate their teams to the next level of success.

The next biggest challenge managers have is hiring or promoting the right people into job vacancies.

KerrHill has a patented process for solving two primary challenges managers face in the business environment.

Whether you are trying to recruit for a job position (internally or externally) or want to provide a clear development plan for existing employees, the Job Benchmark and Talent Management process is your solution.

The process is fairly simple and is outlined below:

  • Identify the Job to be Benchmarked - It is important to understand why the job exists, how success in the job is measured, the history of the position, and how it fits the company’s strategy. What are the key accountabilies, competencies, behaviors, motivators and acumen required by the job?
  • Identify Subject Matter Experts -Subject Matter Experts are people within the organization that have a direct connection to or have done the job and use their expertise to create the job benchmark.
  • Define the Key Accountabilities - Subject Matter Experts let the job talk and define the position’s key accountabilities, or critical goals and key business successes the job is accountable for.
  • Prioritize and Weighing Key Accountabilities - The Subject Matter Experts rank the key accountabilities by importance and time requirements for each accountability.
  • Responding to the Job Assessment Individually - Based on the key accountabilities, each Subject Matter Expert responds to an online job assessment, providing their input on performance requirements of the job.
  • Review the Multi-Respondent Job Benchmark Report - A Multiple Respondent Job Benchmark Report combines the input of all Subject Matter Experts to create a single benchmark report for the job that lists the job requirements in each category measured.
  • Compare Existing or New Candidates to the Job Benchmark - A talent assessment on the same scale as the job benchmark will identify the characteristics an individual will bring to the job, allowing you to easily determine the best candidate job fit for new hires and identify development-focused coaching opportunities for people already in the job.
  • Discuss the Results & Implementation Strategy - Within the framework of a company’s overall selection and development process, effective hiring decisions can be made and very specific development goals can be created for existing employees in the job. Either way, productivity can begin immediately.

The Job benchmark process outlined above is a patented process and has been validated to increase new hire retention to 92% within the first year of employment. It has also been proven to help clarify roles and responsibilities for people already in a job position and provide a clear development-based roadmap for the employee and their manager. If you are experiencing challenges with employee engagement, retention, job performance or challenges in the new hire process, a formal job benchmark may be your solution.

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