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Our clients have been so impacted by their learning experience at KerrHill they had to write us about it.

The client testimonies below are but a few samples that have been sent to us over the years.


It has become apparent to me that my "Aha" moment was the entire 2 1/2 days. I am finding that I am applying what I learned so from to my personal life as will.

Thanks again, look forward to the follow up.

Best Regards,



I just wanted to let you know the class was quite informative. I really enjoyed the DISC assessment as well as the 6 functions of management. I was able to quickly identify where I need to improve as a manager.

Thank you for spending the time with us! I look forward to our follow up conference call.


Good morning,

Just a quick thank you for the experience you provided last week. You are a great facilitator and teacher especially in moments resulting in me being challenged as to my beliefs of who I am versus the perception of others.

I will carry forward much of what I have learned in hopes of becoming a better manager.

Best regards, Mary-Kaye

Hey Rich,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I really enjoyed the training last week. I have taken several management skills courses and I got more out of this one than any of the previous classes I have attended. I would like to see the 3 day class added to Bio-Rad's class offerings.

George was an excellent instructor. He offered several real world examples for topics we discussed. He kept the pace moving and made the topics interesting and relatable. He also did an excellent job of facilitating discussions within the group. A++


Hi George,

Thank YOU! I truly enjoyed the training session. You're a great presenter - direct, polished, good listening.

And may I say that I really like how you do a follow-up to see if people have completed their goals. This is a good program and very real-life based.

Hope I can take another class with you in the future!


Hello George,

Thank you for your presentations. A lot of positive feedback from all attendees of our Planning session. Everybody enjoyed both subjects – EQ and the Dysfunctions of the Team. Gary really liked your video about the Everest climb, and he repeated several time to all of us how important trust is in creating teams.

We have received written directions from Gary to work on our lowest EQ score for the next 30 days. I am sure there will be a follow up later.

As usual you did a great job!



"Power was one of the best professional and personal experiences I have ever had. To be in the same room with these kinds of people was just terrific. You, John and George did a wonderful job".

Sr. VP Providian, Power Workshop Participant


The KerrHill Power Leadership program has two elements that clearly distinguish it from other programs with which I am familiar. The first is the ""360 degree"" feedback gathered in advance of the workshop. I cannot overstate the impact that this feedback had on me. The value comes from the types of questions asked, the skill of the interviewer, and the respondent's willingness to provide honest information. My team had nothing but positive comments about the interview process, and I can attest to the forthrightness of the feedback.

The second unique element is the degree and nature of interaction between the program participants. I can't recall another situation where a group of total strangers were so quickly able to connect with each other and discuss some very difficult and personal issues. John and Jay created an environment not only where people felt safe, but were able to support and provide keen insights to people they had only met 24 hours before! The group mentoring is one of my strongest impressions from the workshop.

I strongly recommend this program for leaders at all levels in an organization. I would like to send my entire executive team, both to enhance our collective effectiveness and for the personal growth that I know will ensue.

CEO, Reasonings, Power Program Participant


I had the pleasure of attending your Performance Workshop for Managers in late 1999. I walked away from that experience with a strong recognition that I needed to apply the principles learned. The revelation I had was that I was ""managing tasks, not managing people"", or in your terms, stoking the fire and not steering the ship.

A year later, I had implemented perhaps as little as a quarter of what I learned, but I found I had regained focus and had actually found I had a life! Moreover, I was given the honor for the year 2000 of being awarded the Corporate overall leadership award (Circle of Excellence). I'll attribute that to the motivation and vision I formed as a result of a needed kick-start from your workshop. Even as the award has passed to others for 2001, I'm nonetheless continuing to follow and develop my vision.

I just wanted to take the time to make a belated acknowledgement to you. I'm grateful for the workshop, and grateful to my company for making that training available to me.

Manager, Robert Half Intl., Managers Performance Program Participant

Hi George,

Thank you for the Managers Performance Program. I had a really great time and feel that I got a lot out of the course. Thank-you for the AHA's I have really found the Power Hour thing works well. I have started to use this and was able to clear our my inbox for the first time in many months - thanks to this.

I am also working on the delegating and empowering of responsibilities and am coming against the problem of working out who wants what responsibility as I am finding very definitely what I think someone will be good at is not what they want to do. We are working with it though and I am beginning to see some differences already.

When I got back to work on Friday and all through the weekend my staff kept asking me what was up as I was so happy and everything was good - I guess a lot rubbed off from the three days at KerrHill. So thank-you for the influence and training you gave me over that time.

Manager, Sugar Bowl, Managers Performance Program Participant

Dear gentlemen and KerrHill staff,

It was a real pleasure working with you during my short stay. I learned a great deal and have already started putting it to work.

I had a short meeting with my manager today about my time spent with you. He was very encouraging of the outcome.

Your support staff was very professional, helpful, and always friendly.

Manager, Managers Performance Program Participant


"The Supervisors class that I attended was extremely beneficial and I'm trying to put into use everything that we went through! Thanks again!"

Manager, Oracle, Supervisor Program Participant