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Team Kerrhill

Seasoned. Diverse. Experienced. Creative.

George Phirippidis


As KerrHill's CEO, George brings a creative, cutting edge, client-focused culture to KerrHill. He has over 25 years of experience in business management, development, innovation, and execution at the CEO level. Additional experience in patent and trademark development, personal and professional development training, and advanced sales and market planning add to the depth of his experience.

Through the course of his career, he has consulted, developed and facilitated training courses, which include Total Quality Management Programs, Personal and Professional Achievement, Sales, Business Management, Effective Communication, and Coaching. He has consulted for companies such as General Motors, Pitney Bowes, Merck, Oracle, and Wells Fargo.


Jay Steven Levin

Senior Consultant

Jay has over 25 years of international personal and professional performance optimization coaching experience. He has worked with over 10,000 people and helped them align their actions toward achieving their goals. He has also represented some of the world's most powerful media, marketing and agency brands. As President, COO, Senior VP, and VP Jay has led teams and careers to greater profitability and influence.

Those who work with Jay benefit from his rich understanding of how to navigate three critical areas of career success: Increasing performance, extending workplace footprint, and expanding spheres of influence that create greater demand for leadership. Jay is dedicated to accelerating next level leadership, compensation, and career advancement. His approach is simple and direct: Find those precise core problems causing ineffective functioning and correct them.

The impact of working with Jay is higher visibility and greater recognition. His purpose is to expand each participant's attributable body of work, its influence, demand, and the personal success that comes as a direct result of it.


Rod Bacon

Senior Consultant

Rod’s experience as a CEO of private and venture-backed technology companies, and in executive roles at Fortune 500 technology companies gives him first-hand experience with what leaders need to succeed. “Organizations have the insight, wisdom and talent within their people to create exceptional success. Unlocking the individual’s potential is our challenge.”

His background includes being one of the original founders and CEO of Media Publisher Inc. a venture-funded enterprise software company that grew into a successful organization and that was acquired for more than $50 million by a publically traded company. His corporate background previous to this role included executive positions with P&L responsibilities in organizations from Fortune 500 to Start-ups.

As a leadership development consultant, Rod’s work ranges from strategy and team-work to working one-on-one with executives to increase their capacity, resiliency and effectiveness as they move into positions of expanding responsibilities and complexity.


Linda Gunther

Senior Consultant

Linda has over eighteen years as a global HR Leader and Champion for Management Leadership Development with Silicon Valley high tech companies. She has coached executives, managers, and teams in formal and informal coaching sessions. Her background also includes nine years as part-time instructor and curriculum developer for University of Phoenix for both MBA and undergraduate business programs where she developed and led courses such as Organizational Development, Business Communications, Quality Improvement, and Business Writing.

Some of the other programs she has led include: Leadership Excellence, Myers Briggs Seminars, DISC Assessments, Project Management, Business Communications, and Time Management workshops. As a design expert, she facilitates Strategic Planning Team Sessions for executive teams or functional teams.


Daniel Fomin

Program Manager

Daniel brings efficiency, accuracy and enthusiasm to the very important workshop management role at KerrHill. He takes pride in his work and passion in his desire for supporting the training experience our clients receive. His task management skills combined with his people skills provides both KerrHill and its clients a great, supportive team player. His extraordinary computer skills provide us with flexibility and variety in the assignments he receives.


Billie Larson

Accounting Manager

Billie brings over 30 years of business accounting experience to KerrHill. She has worked with many large and small organizations and provides KerrHill and its clients seasoned experience in the accounting department.