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Assessment Tools

Why do assessment tools exist?

Because they have extreme value in helping you understand "yourself," how "others" perceive you, and how human behavior impacts your ability and desire to perform.

KerrHill utilizes a variety of assessment tools to help our clients understand how human behavior and 360 feedback can impact their ability to work with and through others successfully.

360-Degree Feedback

Why utilize a KerrHill 360?

Because we have 24 years of experience in:

  • Performing and assessing over 9,500 individuals data
  • Third party confidentiality
  • Professional assessment of data
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative data
  • Our ability to create and facilitate sustainable learning experiences with the feedback results.

Utilizing KerrHill 360's

KerrHill has conducted over 9,500 360-degree surveys over 24 years. This type of performance assessment process has proven to be an effective method for enhancing personal and professional development. 360 surveys can be utilized in a number of different ways when evaluating an individual’s or group’s strengths and areas for improvement.

Our 360 Format

KerrHill's 360's are typically designed with qualitative and quantitative data questions. Qualitative data hat is gathered comes back with written responses. Quantitative data is based on rating one's performance with numbers. The combination of both these data gathering processes provides individuals a balance on assessing the response information.

Additionally, we have a standard format of data compilation and a stratified format. The standard format organizes feedback from the responding individuals collectively in an aggregate format. The stratified format actually carves out responses from manager, peers, directs, and others and groups the responses from those respective audiences. KerrHill's primary method for distributing and collecting data for 360's via our website. Paper response forms are also available that can be mailed or faxed back to us.

360 data gathering for our newest Executive level 360 is conducted in person by a consultant.

Customizing 360's

One of the great aspects of the 360's is that they can be tailored to a companies specific performance assessment needs. A variety of areas can be assessed which include: strategy, planning, controlling, staffing, leading, vision, teamwork, creative ability, culture, etc. We have the experience and ability to customize cost effectively.

FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

  • What is a 360?
  • What is it used for?
  • What do you do with the data?
  • Who sees the results?
  • Who is going to help me with the results?

What is 360?

A 360-degree survey is an assessment process that collects performance data from people that work with and around you. Questionnaires are sent to peers, direct reports, your manager and others that are familiar with your management or leadership style. They respond to questions about your performance in specific management areas.

Feedback on your performance is anonymously sent back to KerrHill where all the data is compiled into a comprehensive report. A KerrHill consultant assesses the data and uses the feedback to help create a strategy for personal or professional development in areas that may need improvement. Strengths are also evaluated.

What is a 360 used for?

360's can be utilized for:

  • Coaching
  • Custom Training solutions
  • Public workshop courses
  • Performance reviews
  • Succession Planning
  • New Job Assignment Programs

What do you do with the data?

The inherent value of our 360's lies in the analysis, interpretation, and delivery of the data to the participant for use in training and development. KerrHill consultants are experts at reviewing, analyzing, and extracting key strengths and areas for improvement an individual needs to focus on. This can be done one-on-one in a personal coaching session or in a group setting.

Utilizing 360’s in Training and Development

Information gathered and assessed from 360's can be used to identify an individual's performance compared to company norms or performance standards, which can then be used for developing and delivering specific training. This can be accomplished at the individual or group level. For larger group training needs, assessing the aggregate data from all 360's would provide our consultant with a broader scope of data which would then provide you, our client, with specific or general training recommendations.

Who sees 360 results?

No one but KerrHill consultants and you. Another benefit to utilizing KerrHill for a 360 program is confidentiality. At times, 360 participants have concerns about who sees the feedback within their organization. As a third party provider, we assure the confidentiality of the feedback remains between KerrHill and the participant. Revealing 360 feedback data to others in an organization is entirely up the participant.


KerrHill specializes in creating, executing, collecting, assessing and delivering the information that comes from a 360-feedback program. We have utilized 360's in everything from one-on-one Executive Coaching programs to our regularly facilitated workshops. The core of any 360 lies in how the data is interpreted and delivered in a way that will help an individual enhance their personal and professional growth. We have a staff of experienced Consultants that specialize in helping our clients leverage their training and development needs.

  • Third party confidentiality
  • Balance of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Professional analysis of survey results
  • Flexible application of data into personal or group programs
  • Customizable to meet company norms

For more information, please contact us.


DISC Behavioral Profile Tools - Understanding Human Behavior

Learning the DISC behavioral assessment tool helps individuals come to an understanding of how their personal behavior style impacts their ability, desire, and motivation to work in the environment they are in and how to interact with different behavioral styles of those around them. The breadth and depth of these Behavioral Profile reports is extensive.

DISC reports are generated from a 24-question online or paper-based survey. The results are computer compiled and you receive a complete profile report on your behavioral style based on your responses to the survey.

There are a variety of reports designed to address specific assessment needs which include:

The inherent value in these reports lies in the learning of human behavior and how to utilize the information from them to enhance personal and team effectiveness.

KerrHill consultants are experts in providing one-on-one or group learning sessions on any of these.

KnowDISC Behavioral Video Sets

Introducing a quick and engaging way to review the DISC behaviors profiles in brief 4 minute segments. Watch them individually or in sequence from one URL.

Sample High S Overview: click here

These vignettes are designed to:

  • Enhance and support personal knowledge of the DISC profile tool
  • Sustain an organizations investment into using DISC reports
  • Educate an organization with DISC on a broader level
  • Use as a debrief process for people taking reports without formal debriefs
  • 1 Year Subscription: $1,500
  • Provides 12 month unlimited access and use of the overviews to employees.
  • Your company information or logo is added to each video set.
  • Individual icon images for email signatures (each can link to the behavioral type video).

Please contact us for additional information.


The FIRO-B Assessment Tool

The FIRO-B assessment tool has been used by KerrHill for years in its training and development programs. It is a personality instrument that measures how you typically behave with other people and how you expect them to act towards you.

Interpreting and understanding your FIRO-B results can dramatically increase your behavioral awareness in the following areas:

  • How you come across to others and why this may not be the way you see yourself or the impression you want to make.
  • How and why conflict develops between well-meaning people.
  • How to understand your own needs and how to manage them as you interact with others.

The FIRO-B instrument measures three areas:

Inclusion – This need indicates how much you generally include other people in your life and how much attention, contact and recognition you want from others.

Control – This need indicates how much influence and responsibility you want and how much you want others to lead and influence you.

Affection – This need indicates how close and warm you are with others and how close and warm you want others to be with you. And the two dimensions of each area are:

Expressed – Indicating how much you prefer to initiate the behavior. It is about what you actually do and can be easily observed by others.

Wanted – The dimension to which you prefer others to initiate a behavior towards you. It is about what you really want from others and whether or not you show it openly.

To learn more about how the FIRO-B instrument can help you, please contact us.