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Managers Performance Program

The Managers Performance Program is in a category all of its own when it comes to Management Development workshops.

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Program Overview

  • Designed For: Mid-level Managers, Directors, Project Managers.
  • Format: Group interactive, action planning focused & management skills development.
  • Highlights: Comprehensive 360 Feedback report, 2 Behavioral profiles, 3 easy to implement Business Management tools, two personal and two professional development goals, case study assignment, post program follow-up and built in program ROI. Includes program "Summary Reports" for participant and their Manager.
  • Timeline: Three workshop days split into an initial 2 ½ days of program delivery, ½ day follow-up and learning session 45 days out.
  • Take Aways: Two personal and business development goals, three separate action plans derived from 360 feedback report, learning to Manage Team Meetings, understanding the “The Six Functions of Management," how to improve business productivity and develop interpersonal management skills.
  • DISC and FIRO-B behavioral profiles.
  • Built-in program Return on Investment.

Additional Program information

  • Comprehensive 360-degree Feedback Report with professional assessment.
  • Identification of perceived strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Interaction with peers from other organizations.
  • Learning to manage workplace issues.
  • KerrHill’s acclaimed IGOA™ team based problem-solving process.
  • The “Six Functions of Management” methodologies.
  • Business and Personal Goal setting and tracking.
  • Understanding the "Managing Team Meetings” System.
  • Participants leave program with three implementable action plans.
  • Establishing and maintaining accountability and results measurement.
  • DISC and Firo B behavioral profiles.
  • Expanded communication skills enhancement.
  • One-on-one performance assessment between participant and their Manager.
  • Built-in program Return On Investment.
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Program registration lead-time: 4-5 weeks.

Course location: San Ramon, CA

Program Fee: $3400 per person

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