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Executive Coaching

Leveraging Experience

The art of KerrHill coaching is just that. You get more than a coach who can facilitate you through personal or professional obstacles and challenges to reach your goals… you get a seasoned professional that has an average of over 20 years of business experience that you can tap into.

KerrHill coaching programs are designed differently than most other programs and have a proven track record for lasting change in personal and professional needs. The outline below is a framework by which we design coaching programs.

Coaching Objective:

To move an individual beyond personal or professional obstacles and develop new interpersonal leader and manager skills.


One-on-one in-person or phone-based coaching sessions.


  • Initial 1-2 hour intake sessions with coachee and their manager.
  • Clarify specific areas for development, establish agreements and commitments.
  • Administer 360 feedback report.
  • Identify internal stakeholder team.
  • Administer some or all of DISC, TKI, EQ & Firo B Behavioral Style Reports.
  • Receive 360 results and behavioral reports with coach's analysis and debrief.
  • Address and discuss roadblocks to growth and change.
  • Create strategic action steps for personal and professional development.
  • Optional: Auditing Team meetings, shadowing in the workplace.
  • Execute plans to assess progress on achieving desired results.
  • Quarterly check-ins with supervising manager for progress and feedback.
  • Provide post-program 360 Feedback report.
  • Conclude coaching engagement with a summary of program findings for coachee and their manager.
  • Coaching Focal Points include but are not limited to: strategic thinking, building a strong executive team, relationship-building, envisioning and executing, ability to create team vision and execute.
  • Skills, Management proficiency, Managing Business Challenges, short or long term Career Development.

Coaching Format:

Initial one to two-hour in-person intake session, followed by a choice of monthly meeting sessions tailored to meet your needs.


Due to the variety and nature of coaching sessions, we will be glad to provide pricing based on a program of choice.

To learn more about how Executive Coaching can help you and your organization, please contact us.