Advancing People In Business ℠

Company History

Since our inception in 1990, KerrHill has come to be known as a leader in quality Business Management Development programs. Our client base consists of over five hundred different organizations that range from small family-owned businesses, city, county and state governments, to multi-billion dollar international corporations.

Our fundamental belief and practice has been that quality business management and leadership development programs are best provided by individuals who have successfully advanced through management ranks to lead an organization as a VP, President or CEO. Thus our coaches, consultants and facilitators possess years of hands on management and leadership experience that our clients get to tap into and leverage.

Because of our tenure in the Business Management and Leadership development arena, we have developed and utilize (what our clients consider to be) "Best Practice" business management and professional development tools.

An example of one of our proven proprietary processes is our “Managing Team Meetings™” (MTM) system. The MTM system has been successfully utilized by many of our clients to manage and drive their company's bottom line profitability.

Another aspect of KerrHill's legacy in the market is its reputation for comprehensive Management Development workshops. These highly-acclaimed programs have been applauded by thousands of managers from all over the world for the life-changing experiences they provide, both personal and professional.

We continue to build on our heritage by developing and offering new services and programs to meet our clients’ needs for fun, innovative, and inspirational learning experiences .

We invite you to become part of the KerrHill legacy!